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Best 13 Toys For One Year Old Girl

Your little girl will start to understand toys differently as she reaches an age of one year. This is because most children become aware of their surroundings and develop their senses around this age. Some children might even start to pronounce their first few sets of words and they should have mastered crawling by now.

With such abilities in mind, you can comfortably shop for some amazing and entertaining toys and the market offers plenty of them. To ease your job I have selected the best 13 that I found for your little 1 year girl that she will absolutely enjoy.

1. Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

Toddlers absolutely adore this toy so you can make a great gift out of it! This Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe is perfect for your one year old girl and don’t be surprised if she wants to ride it everywhere she goes. The Coupe comes with a generous storage in the rear to use for different baby supplies that you might need on the way.

The driver’s door is designed to open and close so your child will be able to get in it safely. And to make things even more fun for your girl, this coupe comes with a fun horn that she will love to use every time someone stays in her way. Not to mention that it comes in a gorgeous light pink color that any little girl loves! You will also love to push her around with it and spend some quality time together.

  • Can be used for extended period of time
  • Highly portable
  • Not suitable for bigger sized kids
  • Challenging to put together
2. Doll Bunk Bed Set

Most likely you have figured out that your girl loves to play with dolls. While the dolls sizes can change according to her age and preferences, you can buy her a Doll Bunk Bed Set to stay occupied with. This particular one is the most popular among others thanks to its high quality and entertaining appearance. This set is designed for dolls that are 18 inches in size in order to be used most functional. And considering it comes with doll clothes as part of the set the size of your girl’s doll is very important!

This set comes with two beds, two reversible mattresses and blankets, two furry pillows and two accent pillows. As for your girl’s doll, the set also includes several clothes such as two tank tops, pants, shorts, two pairs of socks and two pairs of underwear. Your one year old will not only enjoy playing with this set but she will also develop a sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of her dolls. It is also a nice investment because it is built of strong wood that will last a long time. Being completely safe for your girl to play with, this set is something that will keep her busy for many hours!

  • Highly resistant to abuse
  • Good materials used in construction
  • Doll not included
  • Doesn’t suit all doll sizes
3. Fisher-Price Little People Happy Sounds Home

Looking for a complex toy that can last for several years? This Fisher-Price toy might be just what you need. It is unisex so it can be equally enjoyed by both boys and girls aged between one and four years old. If you have a one year old girl, this can be an investment for the next couple of years. The house is designed with realistic sound effects so your girl’s attention will be completely captivated.

She will have fun with functions like “taking a nap”, “answering the phone” or “having a snack”. All these actions are accompanied by sounds and objects inside the house. Such a toy will help your girl learn different sounds that household objects make but also understand the meaning of such objects and their purpose around the household. Included in the package are toy figurines for mom, dad, and the baby which makes it a game for the entire family!

  • Both fun and educational
  • Perfect for quality family time.
  • Resistant material used in construction
  • Small pieces
4. Trcoveric Princess Castle Kids Play Tent

If you really want to spoil your little princess, this Trcoveric Princess Castle might be the right choice to make her happy! With this tent, your princess will enjoy her little universe. The Trcoveric tent is made of a polyester blend fabric which is very durable and resistant. This material is breathable and very pleasant to touch while the PVC poles frame makes it very sturdy for the safety of your baby girl.

Once you receive the package, you should be able to put the tent together without using any extra tools. It is very portable and easy to carry around so your girl can enjoy it anywhere she wants! The tent comes with generous dimensions of 55″ in diameter and 55″ in height. Your baby girl will enjoy hours of fun inside this tent and she will truly feel like the princess that she is. Plus, this is definitely a longterm investment as she will most likely use it for years to come.

  • Easy to put together and store
  • Longterm investment
  • Challenging to clean
  • Package doesn’t come with instructions
5. Fat Brain SpinAgain Toy

This SpinAgain Toy is a great option to keep your toddler occupied and entertained. At one year old, your girl will be fascinated with colors and shapes so you should stimulate that by getting toys like this one. The SpinAgain toy comes with six discs built to spin on a corkscrew. These discs are shaped as flowers or stars and each shape comes in two colors that blend nicely together. Your girl will be able to arrange the discs in any order she likes according to her personal vision.

However, it will not be long until she will sort them by color, shape or size which is also the educational purpose of this toy. Not only that your girl will have a great time playing with this toy but she will also develop and improve her coordination and visual recognition skills. This toy is made of safe materials and is nothing new but has reached its stage of highest popularity!

  • Both fun and educational
  • Helps to improve coordination and visual recognition
  • Centre post might get bent easily
6. Plush Rocking Horse

Now, all children like rocking horses so you can’t go wrong with this one. It is a toy recommended for 6 to 36 months so your little girl can enjoy it for a very long time! The Hessie Modern Plush Rocking Horse is a good quality toy and very safe for your little girl. Its hard wooden structure is made to be resistant and increase safety while your little one is riding away!

You can choose from different animals such as a horse, a blue squirrel, a dark green crocodile, a khaki pony, an orange fox and a striped donkey. The toy is also very silent. They will not bother anyone while your child is playing with it and your floors are safe too, thanks to the rubber wheel.

  • Doesn’t make noise
  • Option to choose from different animals
  • Not budget friendly
7. Kaloo Plume Pink Bear Sofa

This Kaloo Plume Pink Bear is simply irresistible! It is a unique bear shaped as a sofa for the comfort of your little girl and she will love playing with and laying on it all day long. Since it is so soft and cuddly, this Kaloo bear can easily become your girl’s best friend. And you will be able to wash it as often as you need to by simply putting it in your washing machine

This is a toy destined to all ages so you can purchase it for your baby anytime and let them enjoy it. When your girl is one year old she might even take naps on this bear which is even more advantageous! This is definitely a great toy to get for your 1 year old and you can count on it for more years to come.

  • Soft and cuddly
  • Easy to wash
  • Sleep friendly
  • Can get damaged with overuse
8. Leapfrog Learning Baby Tad

If you are looking for a fun and educational toy for your girl, this is a great option to consider. The Leapfrog learning baby tad is cute and functional both. It can bring a lot of benefits to your baby girl. It is made to teach your baby the alphabets and even what certain parts of the body are called. This benefit is perfect for small girls as they start to speak around that time and the Leapfrog toy can encourage them in a fun way!

On top of that, this little frog has ten songs that will make your girl sing and dance. And who knows, maybe they will discover some talent that they have by simply playing with this toy! What more could a child want from a toy? This Leapfrog is meant for kids between one and three years old so you can count on the fact that your girl will enjoy it for a while!

  • Both fun and educational
  • Meant to be used for up to three years old
  • It comes with 10 songs only
9. Music Table

You can consider this table the magic table! It is not only going to keep your girl entertained for hours but also develop her musical abilities. The Bitty Baby Art & Music Table comes with a xylophone that can be used to create different music tunes. Your baby will be able to use the attached mallet and learn to play the right notes according to the color-coded music cards. But the fun doesn’t stop here!

The table comes with unique and fun artwork textures to develop your baby’s artistic skills. She can enjoy different art projects on the table’s plain surface and you might be amazed at her talents! Since it comes with two identical chairs that are nicely designed, this table can be successfully used if you have twins. And even if you don’t you can put your girl’s favorite teddy bear on the other chair or her friend so she can have an audience!

  • Toy for discovering new talents
  • Can be used for a long time
  • Keep your child busy for hours
  • Not budget friendly
10. Nat and Jules Plush Toy

This adorable lamb is one of the best choices you can make for your little girl. It is extremely pretty and completely safe to play and cuddle with. Made of a hundred percent polyester material, this Lamb with Cross is very soft and nice to touch! The entire toy measures 7.5 inches tall which is the perfect size for a one year old baby.

And to make this lamb even prettier, it comes with a nice silver bow that is the same color as the cross details on its feet. Don’t be amazed if your girl will want to cuddle with it every time she gets ready to take a nap! Also, since she will most likely use this little lamb a lot, it is important to keep it clean for her safety. It easy to wash and doesn’t require any extra care.

  • Sleep Friendly
  • Longterm investment
  • Washable only on surface
  • Can’t resist rough play sessions
11. Soft Laying Unicorn

Is there anything more adorable than this unicorn? I don’t think so and your little girl will agree on this as well. The Large Soft Laying Unicorn comes in beautiful colors of purple and pink which will make your girl love it even more! It is perfect to cuddle with thanks to the soft polyester plush that it is made of. It is so addictive that it might even become your baby’s best friend before you know it.

The unicorn comes in the size of 24 inches which gives your girl plenty to play with. And since this is a very resistive toy, she might even enjoy it for a long time so you can look at it as a cute investment!

  • Comes in 24″ size
  • Special care needed when washing
12. HABA Classic Baby Doll Fritzi

This is a cute and fun toy to get for your little girl when she is one year old. It is 16 inches tall and perfect to be carried around. She will be able to dress Fritzi just the way she wants as it is a unisex toy. Thanks to the beanbag bottom that Fritzi comes with, it will be able to sit whenever your girl wants it to. And the material that it’s made of will resist even the roughest play sessions so you don’t have to worry that your girl will break into it soon.

Fritzi is designed to be enjoyed by children of one year age and older and can be a great cuddling buddy for your toddler! To keep it clean, all you have to do is wash it in the washing machine but make sure you use cold water and don’t spin dry.

  • Unisex
  • Easy to crazy around
  • Easy to clean
  • Not Budget friendly
13. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn

The Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn is a great achievement to make for your little girl and it doesn’t just come with fun features but also educative ones! It is an interactive toy that can be connected to the TV in order to engage your baby even more. Also, this laugh and learn toy has two levels to accommodate more types of toddlers.

One is meant to be used by babies that are 9 months and older and another one is intended for children older than 18 months. Each level has five different scenarios for your girl to enjoy. By playing with this toy, your girl can learn different musical sounds and instruments, colors, animals and even counting. And don’t even think that she will get bored as it comes with more than 50 songs and tunes to choose from!

  • Both fun and educational
  • Comes with over 50 songs
  • Two levels for different ages
  • Sometimes difficult to connect to TV

Tips when shopping for toys for your one year old girl

While the ideas above offers a wide range of toys to pick for your little princess, you also have to consider her personality. Different toys are enjoyed more by different kids and no one can decide on that better than you, as a parent. By the time your girl reaches her first birthday, she will give you a bunch of clues about her personality! Also, there are certain aspects that you should consider when you are shopping for these types of toys. Here’s a mini guide to help you even more:

  • Find toys that can last:

    Unless you want to buy a new toy every week, you should consider the resistance factor when you invest in one. Babies will play without the concern of breaking their toys which is normal at such a young age. But you can check the material a certain toy is made off and estimate how long it’s going to last in the roughest conditions.

  • Choose fun and educational ones:

    The most important aspect when choosing a toy is to keep your baby entertained and having fun. But let’s not forget that many educational aspects can be reached during the play time. Try to find toys that also teach your child essential things such as colors, counting or name of different animals. You will be happy that you did that when you see your child being termed as a fast learned during kindergarten!

  • Pick toys that suit your baby’s character:

    Each child is different and even if they are still very young at one year old, you can guess what are their native skills. If you see that they like music, find a toy that will encourage that talent. Or if your child is a little shy, you can find an interactive toy to fix the problem right from the start. This will help your baby play and develop in a harmonious way thanks to the toys you purchase for them!

Hopefully, after reading this article you will find it easier to fill your shopping basket. Remember to look at each toy through your little girl’s eyes as she has to enjoy it in the first place! Some of the toys are so cute and interesting that might be an attraction even for parents so don’t feel too guilty if you simply can’t resist some of them! Ensure you spend time with your little one while they play with one of these amazing toys!

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