What To Clean Baby Toys With? Quickly & Easily!

Keeping toys clean is extremely important as unclean toys can make your baby sick, which is no good! Cleaning toys is a simple yet important step in keeping a baby healthy. A good environment will make for a better immunity system for the child. So now that you have decided to clean the toys, the first question that arises is what to clean baby toys with?

And the quick answer to that is these four things:

  1. Clorox
  2. Vinegar
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide
  4. Boiling the toys

Below you will find an in-depth guide on how to use each method properly, so do read!

Cleaning baby toys with Clorox wipes

Clorox is a company, the products of which you may already be using for various household cleaning. They are a well-reputed brand in the industry as well. You can use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean the toys.

The process is very simple!

First, try to get off as much of debris from the toy as possible using a dry clean cloth after that use the wipes to thoroughly clean the entire surface. If you want to deodorize the toy its best to clean for over 5 minutes using multiple wipes. Finally, place the toy in a clean room for it to air dry.

How to clean baby toys with vinegar?

Using vinegar to clean baby toys is as natural as it gets! Vinegar is a safe way of cleaning not only toys but many household items. Simply mix one cup distilled white vinegar with one cup distilled water and you now have your very own homemade disinfecting spray.

You can choose to damp a cloth with the prepared liquid and clean the toy this way or use a spray and spray all over the toy finally cleaning it with a dry sanitized cloth, both methods will work just fine. If you so wish you can also add essential oils to the prepared liquid like lavender oil but do research if the oil is safe to use with kids.

Cleaning baby toys with hydrogen peroxide

Well, the name is frightening and may not seem suitable for kids at first, but do you know that even hospitals use hydrogen peroxide to keep their premises clean? It’s not harmful at all for use with baby toys!

Simply take some H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and using a clean dry cloth wipe the entire toy with it. You can also use the spray method if you want.

Boiling the toys

This is the last method on this list and the reason it is towards the end is cause boiling should be used only when you cant do anything else from the list above. This method is particularly difficult to pull off. Firstly you will have to find a container big enough to fit the toy you wanna clean and then a gas stove big enough to fit the container.

As you can see all the things necessary are hard to source but once you have everything boiling is not a bad option. Just be sure to check the maximum temperature a toy can handle or you may end up damaging the toy.


Whichever method you choose to use do make sure to clean the toys at least once a week or whenever they get too dirty. Having dirty toys risks the health of not only the child but also the general health of the entire household. How much ever hard you try to clean the toys a time will come when it will be important to discard it.


  • How to clean baby toys with batteries?
    Electronic toys are tricky to clean as soaking or rinsing them in water can potentially damage the functionality of the toy. Although all the three methods that are listed above can be used just make sure you stick to cleaning via spraying only and don’t try to get the toy too wet as you will risk damaging it.
  • How to clean stuffed toys?
    Stuffed toys are generally the first to go unclean. You can use the washing machine to wash the toy, just set the mode on gentle spins and make sure you put the toy in a mesh bag before placing it in the washing machine. Never use a dryer to dry your stuff toys, let it sit in the sun or alternatively you can use a hairdryer.
  • Can I use lysol spray on baby toys?
    Lysol sprays are said to be a great cleaning agent although there is a debate as to if its safe to use on baby products thus it is recommended to stay away from using lysol on baby toys.
  • Why should I not use bleach?
    This is a very common question! It is highly recommended to stay away from bleach. Given all the other safe options you have, there is no real need to use bleach. Although there are many online guides that ask you to mix water with bleach and clean toys with that, its a hassle to do. Plus the strength of bleach will fade away as your working with it also the mixture can produce harmful toxic gases if mixed with other liquid types. So bleach is not recommended to use.


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