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10 Best Gifts For One Year Old Boy (#9 Will Amaze You)

Boys might be a challenge to satisfy especially when it comes to finding the best toys for them. The market offers so many options that parents can feel overwhelmed. And at such a young age, children don’t know to express their preferences very well so you are left guessing what they might like.

However, with this shopping guide, you should be able to find the best toys for your toddler! Remember that you want to encourage them to play and develop at the same time, so your choice is more important than it seems!

1. Melissa & Doug Kids Turtle Ball Pit With 60 Balls

This turtle will mesmerize your young boy from the beginning. It is so cute and fluffy that it will be almost impossible for them to stay away from it. Not only is it cute and attractive on the outside, but this turtle comes with a zipper too. Your boy can unzip it and discover 60 colored balls to play with inside the turtle!

As for safety measures, this toy presents absolutely no hazards for your little one. It has a bottom that is skid free so it will not even damage your floor. By playing with this entertaining turtle, your boy will develop his physical, cognitive and social skills at the same time!

The dimensions of this toy are 39″ x 29″ x 8.5″ and it is recommended for children older than 9 months, which makes it perfect for one-year-old boys!

  • Comes in attractive colors and features perfect for one-year-old kids
  • Both fun and educative toy
  • It might not have a long lifespan
2. Radio Flyer Soft Rock and Bounce Pony with Sound

toy rocking horseAll kids like ponies, especially when they are one year old. This Radio Flyer pony comes with two types of riding styles. You can have your kid ride it in a smooth rocking action or in a bouncing action. It also comes with an entertaining sound that will simply fascinate your one-year-old boy!

This is a perfect toy for toddlers between one year and 3 years old so your kid will use it for quite some time. And since they will be riding it so much, it’s important to know that you can wash it easily. You just have to remove the pony and put it in the washing machine.

The ears of the pony make some crinkles sounds that will catch your kid’s attention quite fast. The handles are easy to grip and made for little hands. The bounce suspension is made of patented rubber so you won’t be bothered by any rocking noise while your kid plays with this toy. And it is very safe to use for all toddlers!

  • Sound feature
  • Easy to wash
  • It doesn’t come with a sit attachment
3. Step2 Dino Dig Sand & Water Table

You can’t go wrong with dinosaurs, water, and sand. This Dino Dig table has an area for sand and one for water and plenty of cute dinos to play with. It is perfect if you want to spend some quality time with your child but also if you want them to stay busy for a while.

They will love to pour water on the volcano and simulate a water eruption! And the palm tree, as well as the dinosaurs, are built in such a realistic way that your little one will fall in love with them. The shovel can be used to reveal interesting dinosaur prints and discover new clues in the sand.

This is a perfect game for social and interaction skills development as it allows more kids to play together!

  • Interactive toy that can be used by more kids
  • Easy to clean
  • Realistic figurines included
  • Might not have a long lifespan
  • You might need additional tools to install it
4. Step2 Sports-Tastic Activity Center Playset

Boys simply love activity toys. And this Step2 Sports is one of your best options. It comes with so many features that your little guy will never get tired of it! This toy is great for playing basketball, soccer, and baseball. And all the accessories of this toy can be stored inside the center playset. This makes it easy to play with and very functional.

Also, the miniature slide just adds to the overall fun of this toy so your little boy will be constantly entertained. The bat for baseball is also included in the set. This toy can be used right out of the box! It is the perfect toy to develop your child’s sportive skills and even discover some hidden talents!

  • 3 in 1 playset
  • Great fun and educative toy
  • This might be too small for some babies
5. Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

This walker wagon toy is perfect for entertaining your one-year-old boy and also develop their balance and confidence. It comes with a natural design made of solid wood that will resist all kinds of playing time. The wooden stake sides are removable if you want to change the design of the toy or adjust it to new needs.

And if you are concerned about your furniture, the bumper that comes with this wagon makes it a safe toy. The interior body has the dimensions of 22.5 x 10.25 inches which is a perfect size for one-year-old toddlers.

You can also choose a complete gift wagon that includes a brown teddy bear, blanket, rubber duck, and bib.

  • Great toy for developing balance skills
  • Resistant wood material
  • Easy to store
  • Might require extra tools to set it up properly
6. Thomas & Friends My First, Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train

This cute and entertaining train will definitely become your boy’s favorite toy. It is a very interactive railway that comes with 50 sounds and songs to keep your child charmed. Your boy will learn colors, directions, letters, and numbers as well as other educative sentences.

This amazing set comes with Percy train with cargo car, 2 cargo pieces, over 40 track pieces, 9 track activation points. It is made of high-quality plastic material and attractive colors. If you spin the drum you will also enjoy its lights which might be the favorite feature for your kid.

  • Comes with 50 songs and sounds
  • Very interactive
  • The sounds might get too loud for some buyers
7. Playskool & Friends Sesame Street Electronic Love2Learn Elmo Say Your Child’s Name and 350+ Responses New In Unopened Box

Elmo could very easily become your child’s best friend as soon as they start talking to each other. If you use the Love2Learn application in order to control Elmo, it will address to your boy by using their real name. This will create the illusion of a real friendship and interaction which can only benefit a toddler.

Elmo can also sing a variety of songs, laugh and even play interesting games. This toy is the dream of every kid and your boy will simply love it!

In order to use it, you need 4x 1.5 AA Alkaline Batteries that are not included in the package. Elmo is very safe to use by young toddlers and easy to wash in case it gets dirty.

  • Sings, laughs and plays games
  • Safe to play with and easy to wash
  • The batteries might not last too long
8. Indigo Jamm IIJ8031 Colin’s Camper Van Playset

A van playset is safe and easy to play with for any one-year-old toddler. This is made of resistant wood that will be hard to damage. And it is built in such a simple and cute way that your boy will simply love it. The set comes with 4 peg figurines and a dog. Your child will find it entertaining to play with each one of this toys and change the driver of the van as he wants. The rubberwood material is sustainable and safe to play with by young toddlers.

Young kids will be attracted instantly by the fine details of this product and the adaptability of it. They can imagine a multitude of scenarios as they spend hours playing with this van set.

  • Cute and clean appearance
  • Easy to play with and maintain
  • The peg figurines are simply designed and the paint might come off them easily
9. Maxim Deluxe Wooden ABC Blocks. Extra-Large Engraved Baby Alphabet Letters, Counting & Building Block Set

This wooden blocks set will get your toddler familiar with the alphabet and simple math while they are playing. And one year old is the perfect age to start showing them different size so they can understand them easier as they are growing older. The set comes with 40 wooden cubes that are brightly colored and very attractive. Each cube is 1.85 inches big which is a great size for young toddlers.

They will recognize the symbols on the cubes a lot easier and enjoy playing with them more. The entire alphabet blocks contain all the 26 letters of the alphabet plus 6 duplicates of the most common ones. Each block comes with a picture and a word associated with the symbol on it. This will help your baby boy associate images with words and learn faster.

This set is made of resistant wood and contains no toxins. The paint on each block is water based which makes it very safe to play with for young toddlers. The storage bag for this set is also included in the package.

  • Very educative and entertaining toy
  • Attractive colors and features
  • The paint on some cubes might come off easily
10. The Brushies – baby and toddler toothbrush and storybook gift set!

One year old is a perfect age to teach your toddler how to brush their teeth. And there is no better way to start doing that but by playing and learning at the same time. These toys can also be successfully used as toothbrushes and they are patented by a family dentist. They are made of BPA and latex as well as phthalate free materials which makes them very safe to play with.

If your child starts to like playing with these toothbrushes, chances are they will find it easy to do later on when they will have to brush their teeth alone daily. This set of brushes comes with a children’s book to get them familiar with each toothbrush.

  • Designed by a family dentist
  • Made of phthalate-free materials
  • Some babies might not be so easy going when it comes to these toothbrushes

What to consider when you buy a toy for a one year old boy

Shopping for one year old boys is not an easy task but hopefully, the products above gave you a good idea in terms of what you can get. In order to understand the aspects of this shopping adventure, here are some additional tips to consider:

  • Make sure they are safe to play with.

    Always check for choking hazards and other types of hazards when you consider buying a new toy. One-year-old boys tend to put almost everything in their mouth. This can be very dangerous if you don’t get toys that are safe to use for that age.

  • Try to find toys that are fun and educative.

    Most likely you want your child to be simply fascinated by their new toy. But they can always learn new things from it as well. Nowadays, you can find toys that teach them how to speak, read or count. Also, you can find toys that develop motor and balance skills which are very important for a toddler. Try to combine the fun with the educative aspect and get the best toy for your boy!

  • Get an interactive toy.

    Kids tend to like more of those toys that they can interact with. You can find a toy that talks or has special sound features. These toys will become your child’s best friends and they will develop their social skills as well. And there are plenty of interesting options on the market to choose from!


Hopefully, this guide will be just what you need to surprise your toddler with an amazing toy. This is an important age that can have a great impact on their future development. And it is up to you to direct them on the right path. You can easily find toys that encourage your kid to discover and develop new skills and become more self-confident. And you can’t go wrong by choosing any of the products in this guide!

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