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Best 11 Beach Toys For Toddlers: That They’ll Actually Like!

Summer is the best season to enjoy some quality time with your child outside of the house. And if you take them to the beach, chances are they will not get tired of the sand, the water, and the sun! To help your toddler enjoy their time at the beach, even more, you should make sure they have the right toys.

However, choosing the perfect beach toys might be challenging especially with all the options that you can find on the market nowadays. Here is a useful guide that will help you decide on the best beach toys and make your kid happy!

1. MIFXIN 14Pcs Beach Toy Set

14Pcs Beach Toy Set

When it comes to beach toys for young toddlers, this set is one of the best options you can find on the market. The Mixfin Beach Toys Set comes with a total of 14 pieces of different categories. Once you open the package, you will find Truck, Bucket, Shovel, Rake, Watering can, 6 castle sand Molds, 2 beach mold, a mesh bag. Perfect holding size for kids. It just let your kids enjoy the fun of water with beach sand toys.

All these pieces are made to last and resist the roughest playing style so you don’t have to worry about your child breaking them too soon. The bright colors of this set will attract your kid instantly and it will keep them busy for hours while you enjoy the beach atmosphere.

And this set is very easy to clean and store as it is made of a soft plastic that can be washed without any problems. The manufacturer recommends this toy set for children younger than 8 years old and older than 12 months.

  • Easy to clean and store
  • Comes with a variety of different pieces
  • Comfortable price
  • Some children might get tired of it faster than expected
2. Hape Kid’s Sand Grabber Beach Toy in Yellow

Sand Grabber Beach ToyHape Kid’s Sand provides a new way to enjoy time at the beach when your toddler is in need of some quality time. This ingenious toy is perfect for children of two years old or older and it is a great way to entertain them and develop their creativity at the same time.

It is perfect for digging holes as deep as they want in the sand, as well as transporting water. With the Hape kid’s sand grabber, they can also move stones or sand from one place to another and build their own construction site.

While playing with this toy, your child will improve their dexterity and finger grasping skills. The toy is made of safe and non-toxic materials which give you no worries as your kid enjoys it.

  • Non-toxic material
  • Develops the child’s dexterity
  • Not recommended for toddlers younger than 2 years
3. B. toys by Battat Battat B. Shore Thing Beach Bucket Set Toy

This large bucket set is perfect to bring with you to the beach if you want to keep your toddler entertained. It comes with all the toys your child need in order to have some quality time. They can play with two nice shaped sand molds and a watering can.

But the set also includes a sifter, rake sphere maker, shovel, and smoother. In total, your kid can play with 9 pieces while you relax next to them. Or you can even join them and have some great family time as you are all playing with this set.

The product comes in the dimensions of 13.2 x 12 x 9.5 inches and a weight of 1.98 pounds. These details make the set easy to carry and store. You can clean all the pieces in this set easily as they are washable and made out of a resistant plastic. The manufacturer recommends this set for children older than 18 months.

  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with 9 different pieces to enjoy
  • Not recommended for toddlers younger than 18 months
4. Lighthouse Pile Up Sand Toy

This Lighthouse is a multifunctional toy that your kid will simply love as they spend their time at the beach. It is made of PVC free plastic material that is safe for your child and it is very resistant. You don’t have to worry about choking hazards if your child is older than 1 year.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer recommends this toy for kids between one year and 6 years old so you can look at it as a long time investment. The lighthouse toy comes in attractive colors that will simply captivate your child’s attention. The package will come in the dimensions of 7.5 x 20 x 7 inches and it is made in Slovakia.

  • Long time investment toy
  • No choking hazards for toddlers older than one year old
  • Not recommended for toddlers younger than 1 year old
5. EXERCISE N PLAY Kids Sand Toys Set for Building on Beach

If you want your child to have fun in the sun while exercising as well, this set is perfect for them! The set contains pieces that come in a variety of attractive colors and shapes so your child can enjoy them for hours at a time. These pieces are made to last and they will resist even the roughest beach games.

Also, if anything goes against your expectations, the manufacturer will replace the set or offer you a complete refund.

This toy set has everything it needs so your kid will build the most amazing sand castles right next to you, on the beach. They will develop their creativity and shape recognition skills as they spend their time playing with this toy. The manufacturer recommends this for kids of 3 years or older.

  • Safe plastic material
  • Develops your child’s creativity
  • Recommended for kids of 3 years or older
6. KKONES Kids Beach Sand Toy Models Set (23PCS)

The KKONES toy set is perfect for both boys and girls. The set comes with 23 pieces that will keep your child entertained and allow them to have a great time. These toys are made of safe plastic and they will not present any hazard for your little one. KKONES toy set comes in a nice handbag that makes all the pieces easy to carry around and store in your house as you need, without taking too much space.

The entire set comes with entertaining toys such as: Bucket ×1, Sand wheel ×1, Mini watering can ×1, Mini sailing boat ×1, Toy car ×1, Sand sifter ×1, Castle molds ×4, Animal molds ×6, Operating tool ×7.

While playing with this set your child will develop their imagination and social skills.

  • Complex beach toy set
  • Made to last a long time
  • Some buyers might find the toys in this set too small
7. FoxPrint Beach sand toy set Models and Molds Bucket

If you are looking for a beach toy set of models and molds that is quite affordable but is of high quality as well, the FoxPrint is definitely a good option. It includes 16 different pieces which offer your toddler a great variety of toys to play with.

They can play with molds of alligator, crocodile, turtle, hand, bunny, dinosaur as well as several castle molds. Plus, the set comes with all the tools needed from watering can to shovels.

While enjoying this set, your little one will develop their imagination as well as their eye to hand coordination. It is perfect for kids of 24 months or older.

  • Develops imagination and fine motor skills
  • 16 pieces in the set
  • The toys might be too tiny for some kids
8. Intex Lazy Fish Baby Shade Pool

When you have a toddler you want to pay attention at their contact with water, especially if you are hanging out at the seaside. You definitely can’t let them go for a swim in the ocean so other options need to be considered.

A great alternative is using a shade pool like this Intex Lazy Fish one. You can fill this pool with 14 gallons of water as it comes with a wall that is 6 inches tall.

The manufacturer recommends it for toddlers between one and 3 years old. The sizes of this toy after you set it up will be 49″L x 43″W x 28″ H.

  • Easy to inflate
  • Made to keep your child in the shade
  • It might not be very sturdy
9. SwimSchool SSI11261 Beach Baby Splash Mat

The SwimSchool is a great educational toy for your toddler and it blends great with the beach environment! By getting this toy for your baby, you can safely introduce them to water and help them learn how to appreciate it.

The sunshade that this SwimSchool toy provides is UPF 50. It comes with 3 stacking play rings to enjoy as well as a backrest support for your child’s comfort. Besides all these fun features, the SwimSchool is easy to inflate and carry around.

The splash mat is 71 cm in diameter which provides plenty of playing space for your little one! Perfect choice for toddlers between 6 and 18 months.

  • Offers sunshade and a backrest
  • High portability
  • It might not be very sturdy
10. Intex Jumbo Inflatable Big Panel Colorful Giant Beach Ball

Jumbo inflatable big panel beach balls are always a success when you want to spend quality time with your child at the beach. They are so big that your kid will love to push them around and play with them. This set comes with 4 of these giant beach balls so you will always have a backup option.

Each ball has a diameter of 42 inches and a weight of 1 pound. All these balls come in an attractive design with bright colors and see-through material. In order to enjoy it more, try to adapt the games you play to your child’s age.

The manufacturer recommends them to be used with children of 3 years old or older. However, with proper care and attention, you can enjoy them with younger toddlers as well.

  • Easy to inflate and carry around
  • Set of 4 balls
  • They might not have a long lifespan
11. Munchkin Under The Sea Bath Toy & Shampoo Rinser Set

The Munchkin is a different toy beach set that your little girl will love. It includes 1 splash and swim mermaid, 4 cupcakes squirts, 1 rinse container and one adorable swimming penguin. All these toys are made to fit little baby hands and they are safe and easy to play with.

Your girl can play with this set at the beach as well as during bath time or in the pool. All the pieces come in bright colors that will attract the attention of your toddler and keep them busy playing for hours at a time. The manufacturer recommends this set for toddlers of 18 months old and older.

  • Set of beach toys for girls
  • Interactive and entertaining toy
  • These toys might not have a long lifespan


With such amazing beach toys, there is no wonder that your toddler will love to spend time at the beach. Make sure to pay attention to the age recommendation that manufacturers specify in the toys description in order to keep your child safe. Also, you might want to consider your child’s preferences before investing in a beach toy.

Whatever you choose, you can be sure that all the toys above are ones that will not only entertain your little one but also get them used to be near the water. So, leave your worries at home and enjoy the summer days at their best potential along with your kid!

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