Top 5 Safe Toys For Cribs That Makes Your Child Sleep Better!

Choosing the right toy for your kid can be a challenge at times. There are certain aspects that when kept in mind will definitely ease your job when choosing safe toys for cribs.

When it comes to safe toys for cribs, there is one important rule to follow – they need to be sleep-friendly!

Choosing a toy that makes your baby go to sleep instead of him/her playing with it all night is something you should keep in mind as well. Some kids sleep more peacefully and enjoy their naps when they have their favorite toys near them.

You might be wondering:

But how can I decide if a toy is safe and can be placed in my child’s crib? What characteristics should such a toy have?

Some tips to help you with before investing in a crib toy:

  • Noise Free Toys

    It is very important to choose toys that don’t make any sort of noise. As the baby might roll over them and will also play with them before they fall asleep. Unless you know for sure that your toddler has no problem with noisy toys and they can sleep just fine even if they hear a loud squeak in the middle of the night, you should definitely consider noise-free toys.

    The exception from the noise-free toys are the ones that have specific songs made to put the baby to sleep. These songs won’t be disturbing at all and will only help the toddler fall asleep. Luckily, there are plenty on the market to accommodate such needs for your baby. Which will help them have a great nap while enjoying sweet songs.

  • Soft Material

    When you are looking for safe toys for cribs, the material of the toy is very important to consider. Your baby most likely rolls and moves in their sleep so you have to make sure that they don’t get harmed by the toy in the case they roll over it. Try to look for soft materials and avoid plastic or metal ones as they can cause major harm. This point is important to consider due to the potential danger that a plastic toy can have on your baby.

  • Toys That Don’t Light Up

    This aspect is debatable as some children may have a problem while others might find it beneficial. There are toys with sleep-friendly lights that creates a good atmosphere for relaxation. This also helps your baby to calm down and enjoy their nap. These lights are not that bright and will have a constant luminance. They also don’t change shades very fast or go from one strong color to another. If a light does that, the baby can get stressed and find it difficult to sleep which we don’t want.

Top 5 safe toys for cribs that your little ones will enjoy!

1. Cloud b On The Go

The Cloud b On The Go is probably the most appreciated toy for cribs by both parents and children. Parents can place this cute stuffed sheep in the crib and need not worry about putting their child in any danger while the toddlers can enjoy playing with the toy until they fall asleep. This is one of those toys that come with sleep-friendly soothing songs such as Mother’s Heartbeat, Spring Showers, Ocean Surf and Whale Songs.

All these songs are extremely relaxing and enjoyable so your baby will drift right to sleep in a matter of minutes. Parents can adjust the volume of the song or even turn it off completely. Plus, this toy comes with an automatic timeout feature which turns off after 23 minutes so there is no need to worry about it singing forever!

2. Fabric Books

Fabric books can safely be placed in your baby’s crib and they serve their purpose very well. They are definitely safe toys for cribs and your baby will enjoy looking through them before falling asleep. Since they have short and easy stories with beautiful large pictures, they are perfect for relaxing your little one’s mind and helping them have some cute and enjoyable dreams.

An example of a great fabric book is Fluffy Chick and Friends but you have endless options to choose from on the market. Not to mention that getting your child used to books can only work to their advantage as they grow older. These are also great educational toys!

3. Crib Mirror

A mirror might sound dangerous at first but this type of mirror is far from presenting any type of danger for your little one! First of all, this mirror can be attached to the crib or on the wall or ceiling that way your baby can’t actually reach it and by doing so all dangers are eliminated. Now, the exciting part about this toy besides the fact that it reflects the adorable cute face of your child are the accessories that come with the mirror.

This crib mirror comes with a spinning black and white ball and a bee that can be rotated to entertain your baby. But the crib mirror will not over stimulate your toddler in a way that they find it difficult to sleep. It will just provide the right amount of amusement that they need before falling asleep or as soon as they wake up.

4. Peter rabbit plush

As famous as Peter Rabbit already is this toy will soon become your toddlers favorite. It is made of a very soft plush material. It looks very adorable and your baby will definitely enjoy hugging it. This plush is a great choice for bedtime and it will soon easily become your baby’s best friend. This toy also makes a slight sound as it is squeezed so your baby will be captivated right away!

5. Flensted Swallow Mobile

If you are looking for a safe crib toy that is also decorative and easy to use, this Flensted Swallow Mobile is your best choice. This entertaining arrangement comes with no lights, no batteries needed and no sound. You can simply hang it above the crib and use a small fan to keep it going. Your baby will be fascinated by its movements and they will find it relaxing and entertaining at the same time! Plus, besides the benefits that this toy brings to your baby, there is also a decorative benefit to it and you look great in the room!


We want the baby to be comfortable in their crib! Choosing a safe crib toy plays a big part in this. But no matter the amount of comfort that we aim for, such toys have to overall be safe. It is crucial to double check the safety aspect before actually placing them in the baby’s crib. By following this guide and the options given above there is no reason to worry about as you will find the best toys in no time!

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