19 Sentimental Gifts Ideas For Best Friends (Updated List)

A best friend is someone who is very close to us, maybe for the silliest thing we have done together or that time when they were of greater help to us then no one else! Everyone has their best buddy & they deserve to be gifted every so often so make the best use of my guide to know the best sentimental gifts for best friends & yeah I recently updated this list!

Before we look at the options we’ve its best to know what interest’s your best friend has, in case you got no time then look at #5 from the first list it’s what I would give my best friend…

Here’s the deal:

No matter what you gift your friend they’ll appreciate it so you need not go heads over heels about whether they’ll like your gift or not!

What interest’s your best friend have?

Is he or she a sports person? Better yet do they love cooking? Or maybe they’re just a lazy bum! Every person will have a personality and an interest that goes along with it.

So what’s the bottom line?

If you focus on gifting them what they are passionate about you will definitely amaze them! Below I have some common interests listed:

  1. Follow’s a Sports Team: Are they a huge sports fan? Or follow some sports team? Then gifting them things related to that, will get them really excited for sure!
  2. TV Shows: In this age who doesn’t follow TV Shows? Even if someone is super busy they set aside some time to watch these shows. Maybe merchandise related to their favorite TV Show or gifting Netflix subscription itself is not a bad idea.
  3. Is a Geek: Is you friend a geeky person? Then gift them something from their interest level.
  4. Fond of Relaxing: These people are the most chill types and can easily be gifted funny things, do keep reading the post as I have some amazing ideas below.
  5. Pet Lover: That friend who just can’t stop talking about their pets? It’s always a good idea to gift them something related to the pet they love!

Okay, so you found what interests them? NOW, WHAT!?

Well.. you can even sort gifts by how you want the receiver to feel, do you want them to feel sentimental? Or maybe just touched?

Below I have some interesting gift ideas, so keep reading!

Sentimental Gifts For Best Friends –

Pearls of Friendship Necklace

  1. Pearls of Friendship Necklace: Pearls are often considered symbols of purity! What better way to symbolize your friendship than with a pearl?willow tree look alike
  2. Willow Tree Two Alike: Willow Tree is a very interesting brand by Susan Lordi she specializes in making these figurines which try to speak feelings. If you go over to their website and read some of their stories, it’s surely sentimental in many ways. Do check out their collection but my favorite has to be the “Two Alike” one, prices for these figurines are very reasonable but it keeps changing so check the latest price on Amazon here.
  3. Friendship Bangles: These are classic ones but a special bangle with special writing on it makes it a valuable jewelry! You can browse the web for pieces you like and quotes that click well with your friendship and you are sure to impress them.
  4. Quotable Saying Mug: Every morning many of us need a cup of coffee, don’t we? A mug will remind your friend of you every morning! So make sure you select a mug which has a great inspirable quote on it.photo frame
  5. Photo Frame: A photo frame goes a long way, don’t be lazy and give a normal photo frame. Think of something out of the box be creative and you will definitely get you frame nailed to the wall.

Thoughtful Gifts –

  1. Door Decals: Every time they walk into their room the decal will be right in their face! Door decals are a great way of customizing doors. In addition to that, it just spices up a simple looking door to make it look good.Succulent Pot
  2. Cute Succulent Pot: Succulent plants are my favorite! They don’t require much care, even if you water them once a week they should be happy, so it makes for a great indoor plant and when added in a cute looking pot makes a great gift as well.
  3. Plan A Night Out: A fun night is always a memorable night, think of something really crazy for a night and try to execute it in the most creative way possible to surprise your friend! Be it a night ride across to the next state or a BBQ night out all will work with great success!
  4. Polaroid Camera: Pictures never let us forget any memory, Polaroid camera is a classic option due to the history attached to it. Instant photo prints make the photography session a very different experience and thus makes for a very good gift idea!
  5. Netflix For One Year: Ohh my god! do you want your friend to flip out? Give them this, they will cry in your arms for a good few minutes! Netflix has become our daily life need with all the great TV shows it offers and gifting a years subscription is a no joke serious gift.

Unique Best Friends Gifts –

  1. Metal LED Heart Lamp: Some gifts are very hard to write a description about, well because they are so unique its difficult to describe it. Although as the name implies this heart-shaped LED lamp is for sure something unique and generally not found to be gifted.long distance lamp
  2. Long Distance Friendship Lamp: This is a unique gift for sure, it’s again a lamp but this time it’s not one but two! One for you and the other one for your best friend, the special thing about this lamp is that they both are synced so if one turn on the other one turns on as well. Now isn’t this a unique and special gift?smartphone sanitizer
  3. Smartphone Sanitizer: Well this is for your cleanliness freak friend! A clean smartphone for them is a dream come true. Not only does it sanitizes the smartphone with UV light but also charges it, definitely something unique!Pedestal
  4. Pistachio Pedestal: This is a funny yet practical gift! It has a small pedestal around the bowl in the middle where you can store all the shells so that you don’t make a mess when eating pistachios.
  5. Automatic Handbag Illuminator: Is your friend always looking for something inside her handbag? This can be really handy for them! It’s a small light that will automatically illuminate when they open their handbag.

DIY Handmade Gifts Ideas –

wax seal

  1. Carve A Personalized Wax Seal: Looking for an interesting gift? Then a wax seal is a great one! You can easily make these at your home, I liked this DIY article. You can make these will special designs on the front maybe first letter of their initials or something cool like that!headphones
  2. Embroidery Headphones: Headphones break all the time! Until you get an expensive pair they are barely going to survive so doing embroidery on it makes it look pretty and durable at the same time. Check this article.
  3. Birthday Cake: Sure you can order special cakes from a seller but a handmade cake is always going to impress! Consider taking a free online class and cook the yummiest cake for your best friend.
  4. Coasters: These are easy and quick to make and come in really handy at times! You can even make them in various styles like a wooden or even a woolen coster makes a good gift!

Bottom Line

Whatever you end up gifting your friend they will always appreciate it, no one things bad for a gift! So don’t overthink and over complicate the gift selection process. Just go with the process and give them something you feel they will enjoy and will find useful.

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