How Much Does A Bunk Bed Really Cost? (Answered!)

Sooner or later, your kid will want a bunk bed or a loft bed. Not only they will want one but you will like the idea of having one in their room as well. These types of beds save up a lot of space and they can be very functional if you have more than one child. When you decide to invest in such a furniture piece, you need to know just how expensive it can be.

While the answer can vary according to different factors such as the quality of the bed or if you buy it or make it yourself, there are some financial standards involved.

[alert type=”info” close=”false” heading=”Answer”]The cheapest bunk bed you can buy is around 150 $ while the priciest can be in the thousands of dollars range.[/alert]

What will make the price for a brand new bunk bed vary so much

There is a long way between 150 $ and thousands of dollars. And there are certain aspects that define the different prices which you should consider when you make such an investment. If you never bought a bunk bed before, it is easy to make mistakes. But this guide should help you along the process and even guide you toward the best option you have! Here are the most important aspects to pay attention to when you want to spend money on a bunk bed!

  • The material of the bed

    Typically, bunk beds are made of a wood frame or a metal frame and they come in different designs. Both these materials have advantages and disadvantages and the price varies as well.

    Metal frame beds that are pretty standard and can accommodate two children and are in the 100 $ and 200 $ range. But at this price, you will find a pretty standard type of bed. There will be little aesthetic details to it and it might lack certain safety aspects. Usually, these beds have a construction based on steel.

    This can be resistant but it can also be a hassle in terms of putting it together. There are also metal bunk beds in the 500-800 $ range. These are more focused on the safety of your child and tend to have more complex designs.

    Wood frame bunk beds change their price according to the type of wood used. In general, wood frame bunk beds are a bit more pricey than metal beds, with the cheapest ones approaching the 200$ price tag. The most common type of wood used to build these beds is rubberwood.

    And while this is a good temporary choice, it is not the best one to make. The best wood frame beds tend to be made of hardwood which can be maple, walnut or oak. The hardwood bunk beds are also the more pricey ones, typically reaching the 500 $ range.

  • Storage space

    The more pricey bunk beds on the market also come with a certain storage space that will be very useful. They might have some drawers on the side of the bed or underneath the bottom one that you can fill with extra sheets and pillowcases.

    While you might think that this storage space is not necessary, you will simply love to have it. It can save space and make everything more comfortable for both you and your kids.

    The extra storage that comes with a bunk bed can add from 50 $ to 150$ or even more to the bunk bed’s value. So, make sure to check out for that before investing in such a furniture piece.

  • Safety measures

    This point is an important one and you shouldn’t compromise when it comes to it. As comfortable as bunk beds can be, a cheap one can be a real hazard for your child. The cheapest bunk beds are not very stable which can encourage your kid to lose balance when they climb in and out of it. Also, the ladders are not fitting the bed just right.

    A ladder should stay in place when your kid uses it and not create a sliding risk. If you have your eyes set on a bed that is as cheap as 100$ or 150$, you want to double check for these safety measures before you consider to buy it. Sometimes, you will notice that you might need to invest a little more money in a bunk bed just to be sure that your child is safe. And you can save money on other, less important aspects, so compromise wisely.

  • Design

    Since bunk beds are so popular nowadays, manufacturers try to attract buyers by coming up with all kinds of interesting designs. You can find fancy frames and interesting details on both wood and metal bunk beds. But keep in mind that you will most likely pay extra money for these aesthetic aspects. Unless the way your bunk bed looks like is really important for you, try to focus on more functional qualities of it.

    After all, your child will sleep in the bed for a limited number of years before they grow out of it. And how functional the bed is might come before the aesthetic aspect. You can always use your creativity to customize the frame of the bed with stickers and other accessories.

  • There are bunk beds for two children and bunk beds for three children

    Naturally, the number of beds you want your bunk bed system to provide will make a difference when it comes to the price of it. Bunk beds that accommodate 3 children are slightly more expensive than the ones for 2 children. They imply more materials and work to be built and more safety measures to be followed.

    But if you are the lucky parent of 3 kids, a triple bunk bed can be a life saver considering how much space you save with it. The difference between a double bunk bed and a triple one is at least 100 $ but it can get as high as 300 $ depending on other features.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to decide on a great quality bunk bed for your kids within your budget. As long as you compromise in the right aspects, you will not have to spend a fortune on it. But keep reading to find even more options that might work for you even better!

Why might you want to make a bunk bed yourself?

The easiest way to get a bunk bed is to get online and find the best one for your needs. But this might also be the most expensive way. If you are somewhat of a handy person, and you already have the right tools you can put together the bunk bed of your dreams in a matter of days or weeks.

If you are not so good at crafting things and especially furniture pieces, you might have a grandparent or uncle available to help you. And the last option to get the job done is to hire a handyman that knows exactly what they are doing.

Before I dive into the details of making a bunk bed for your kids, you should know that the materials will cost you around 130$-200$. And there are other expenses to be added to this price. But the good news is that with a 200 $ investment and the right knowledge, you can end up with a bunk bed that it costs 1000$ on the market. Here are a few reasons that will support your idea of building the bunk bed yourself:

  1. You can choose the best materials

    If you decide to make the bunk bed yourself, you will most likely use wood. But you will know exactly how resistant the wood is and you will be able to strengthen it up if it is needed. As I said before, hardwood is the best choice and you can buy it fairly cheap in order to build the bunk bed.

    You can also combine different types of wood or even add some metal to the frame to make the bed more secure.

  2. The design of the bed is entirely up to you

    You can create a unique design for your kids’ bunk bed that you can be extremely proud of. If you get creative there are also a variety of way to personalize the bunk bed so your children will feel more “at home” while they are using it. From the colors you use to the shape of the frame, it is all in the power of your imagination.

    However, your creative skills have to remain within the safety regulations so, don’t get too brave! You can work at the aesthetic aspect all you want as long as the frame is sturdy and presents no hazards.

  3. You can trust that the final product is safe

    And speaking of safety, creating a bunk bed from scratch comes with a lot of responsibility. There are many regulations that you need to follow before your kids can actually sleep in the bunk bed you made. But if you put the time to research all of these and use your parental instinct, you might be amazed at the result.

    To be even more on the safe side, look online for construction plans that will guide you along the way. They can cost around 10$ or 15 $ and save you from a lot of guessing and researching.

  4. You will end up with a higher quality for less money

    If you add up the price for the materials and the additional costs, you might realize that your high-quality bunk bed was worth every penny. When you build the bed yourself you will increase the quality of it while spending a lot less money. The hours of work put into building the bunk bed will not be paid but the satisfaction you feel it will be priceless!  Overall, it shouldn’t cost you more than 200$ for such a project which is quite a good deal for your budget!

    If you are not usually building things around the house, the main problem that you might face besides the lack of experience is the lack of tools. But there is no need to concern. There are plenty of places where you can rent the tools you need for this project without spending a lot of money to buy them. And you might have friends to get some of these tools from so, that shouldn’t be a serious problem.

What to pay attention to when you look for a bunk bed

If you choose to purchase a bunk bed that is already made or if you choose to make one yourself is up to you. But in both cases you need to pay attention to certain aspects:

  • Save Safe

    The main reason for wanting a bunk bed is to increase the functionality of your space. Therefore, such a bed should save you space and make your kids’ room more efficient so they can have space to play, study and sleep without dealing with 2 or 3 beds taking up most of the room.

  • Safety

    I cannot stress the safety reason enough. Bunk beds need to be safe for your kids even if you buy them or make them. This should always be one of your concerns so never neglect this aspect. Remember that you can never be too safe!

  • Comfort

    Also, the comfort of your children is very important. The quality of their sleep will have a direct effect on their health so a bunk bed should cover this in the best way possible. Make sure you end up with a bunk bed that can be a good sleeping environment for them and uses the right mattresses to go with it!


As you can see, there is a solution for everyone and you should be able to make the best choice for your budget fairly easily. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a bunk bed already made as there is nothing wrong with making one.

It is all a matter of subjective preferences and you should go with what feels best for you. At the end of the process, what matters the most is that your kids will have a cozy and safe bunk bed to sleep on. And you will enjoy more space in your house thanks to it!

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