Are Baby Toys Safe For Dogs? Well, It Depends

Dogs are among the most loved pets! In fact in America, about 95% of pet owners consider their pets as a member of their family. And being a dog owner it’s always enticing looking at the baby toys rack and not get something! so are baby toys safe for dogs?

The short answer to that is – It depends on what kind of baby toy you are looking to purchase. If you want an article about safe baby toys for dogs, let me know in the comments below.

Why Not Safe?

Baby toys can be of made various materials – plastic, rubber, or even stainless steel. A plastic toy will not end up well in a dogs mouth and the dog will crack it open in minutes. The real problem comes when the dog swallows bits of plastic and as a result, can cause blockage in their throat. Which can be fatal for the dog as well. Looking at other materials like stuffed toys these can be harmful if a dog swallows any of it. Stuffed toys made of synthetic fibers which can clog up the throat of a dog if the intake level was high.

Why Safe?

Certain baby toys that are made of thick rubber can be given to dogs safely without any potential harm. Baby products are made with strict safety standards in mind which dog or pet products don’t go through. Although rubber toys are safe it is not made with the intent to be given to a dog. So just check the product and analyze it yourself if it will be safe for your dog. High-quality baby rubber toys like Sophie ones are made of organic rubber and food paint thus they will not pose any harm to the dog if he just chews it.

Smart Dog

There have been many reports of people saying that their dogs can easily differentiate between theirs and the child’s toy. Dogs can over time be trained for something like this, which may end up being very helpful for a family with kids. In which case it would be ideal if you can hire a trainer or train the doy yourself to distinguish between the ownership of a toy. This will also, in turn, make your dog more playful and clam near kids.


As with any article, a conclusion sums up all the details in short. Are baby toys safe for dogs? Will always remain a debatable topic. Although with simple common sense looking at the toy itself you will be able to identify if the toy is suitable or not for your dog.


  • What is some safe dog chew toys?
    Let’s face it! dogs love to chew anything and everything. As a responsible pet owner, it is your responsibility to make sure you give your dog the right toy. Amazon is a great place to get chew toys for dogs so check it out here, just make sure to read the reviews properly before making a purchase.
  • How to keep a dog away from baby toys?
    It is important to make sure that your dog does not come in contact with any of your babies toys. It is equally important to keep your baby away from any of the dog’s toy. One way of doing this is by keeping close supervision when your dog or kid is playing. And make sure that the toys don’t get interchanged.
  • Baby chewed on dog toys, what should I do?
    Well, first thing take your baby to the doctor and get your baby checked. Believe it or not, dogs have a lot of bacteria in their mouth! Which can get transferred over to their toys as well and if your baby is chewing the dog’s toy make sure


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